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The arena is available to be rented. If you have a specific event in mind, please contact Tim Reese and send us more information regarding your event.


Curtain System YES
Floor Size 18,390 sq. ft
Number Fire Aisles The fire aisles are to be at a 6 ft. minimum in the stage and house area and 4 ft. clearance from backstage.
Pyrotechnics Allowed YES (Permit and Demonstration REQUIRED)
Name of Room Size Description Distance From Stage
Room 1 22' x 18' With bathroom and shower 70 feet – directly behind stage
Room 2 22' x 18' With bathroom and shower 70 feet – directly behind stage
Room 3 22' x 18' With bathroom and shower 70 feet – directly behind stage
 Room 4 22' x 18' With bathroom and shower 70 feet – directly behind stage
Team size rooms (3)   With bathroom and 8 showers Stage Left – 150 feet
Miscellaneous Information:
Climate can be controlled for the dressing rooms; and the four "star" dressing rooms are separate from the "team" rooms.
Furniture Cost approximately $250.00 (Rental)
Equipment Name Quantity Description Rental Cost
Spotlights 6 Super Arcs Lycian - 1267 $75.00 per light
Staging 60 pieces StageRight ME - 3750 (Portable); Configured up to 60 ft. x 48 ft;  Size 4' x 8'; Height 4 ft. – 6 ½ ft. (Adjustment in height increments of 2 inches) $500.00
Forklifts 2 Mitsubishi and Caterpillar; Weight 4,000 lbs./ 5,000 lbs. 
Dock Information Yes
Number of Trucks at a Time One truck at a time at dock. Can load in building from two loading areas.
Parking Spaces For Buses Parking for busses is under Pratt Pavilion beside the Arena.
Parking Spaces For Trucks Parking for trucks is across the street from the west loading dock.
Load Bearing Capacity Maximum load at any single panel point is 5,000 lbs.  Maximum total roof load for an event is 200,000 lbs.
Height to Ceiling (ft) 120 ft.
Height to High Steel (ft) 120 ft.
Height to Low Steel 100 ft.
Type of Ceiling Open
Beam Structure 32 feet square
Building Top Flat
Catwalk Available, but rigging from catwalk is not permitted
Scoreboard Scoreboard retracts to 60 feet from floor to lower steel. The center ring of speakers surround the scoreboard are located 60 feet from floor to lower steel as well.
Comments: All loads should be hung from truss panel points located interior to the four columns that support the roof structure.  Panel point means where there is a vertical (straight or diagonal) that intersects one of the horizontal members of the truss..
Amps Per Feed Phases Distance from Upstage Center
400 3 20 feet Stage Left (3 services)
600 3 20 feet Stage Right
400 3

20 feet Stage Right (2 services)

200 3

150 feet Mid-House (2 services)

400 3

150 feet Mid-House

More info:

Exterior Bus Hook-Up?  YES Individual connections under practice facility
Are services on separate transformers? YES Stage Left is separate from Stage Right
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The Thompson Boling Arena is located on the University of Tennessee campus in Knoxville.  We are the home of the Tennessee Volunteer basketball team, the Tennessee Lady Volunteer basketball team and the Tennessee Lady Volunteer volleyball team.